Do you have a leadership mindset?

Leadership is not something that can be given, it's a role that is adopted along with huge responsibility.

Modern leadership demands a move away from being the 'boss' and 'making all of the decisions', it's a role that can often be thankless and tough, leading your team through a journey of growth and accountability.

The content:

  • 15 Support Videos

In this short course, we will cover three key areas:
  • Discovery
  • Awareness
  • Action

Each of the themes will focus on concepts and examples that will enable you to understand why a leadership mindset is required beyond the title of being the boss.

The modules are designed to challenge your current leadership skills and what you need to work on moving forward.

Leadership cannot be solely learned from a course or a book, it's an immersive experience that takes time and will be strewn with many successes and failures, but with the right mindset, a thoroughly fulfilling experience.

To be a great leader is to serve, but not be a martyr to your own needs.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Overview

    • Developing Your Leadership Mindset

    • The importance of leadership for you and your team

    • What we will cover in the course

    • My Journey - Course Instructor, Grant Difford

  • 2


    • The importance of a Growth Mindset

    • How your WHY will drive your leadership journey

    • CASE STUDY: Using your why to develop daily.

    • What type of leader are you? It’s a trick question.

  • 3


    • Embracing self-awareness to lead others

    • Using emotional intelligence to navigate any situation

    • CASE STUDY: Understanding the moment you are in.

    • Understanding your leadership behaviours

  • 4


    • Building resilience as a leader

    • Creating a culture of accountability

    • CASE STUDY: Accountability in action.

  • 5

    Course Wrap Up

    • What does success look like?

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Strong leadership also reduces fear and anxiety when challenging times come. Your team will be looking to you for direction, this is not the time to buckle.