Are you a leader wondering how your brand will translate online?

As leaders, we cannot underestimate the impact we have on those around us. But when it comes to your brand and influence online there are a few traps that might lead you down the wrong path. But equally, there is an opportunity to influence many, online, for the greater good. 

The content:

  • 75min Video Guide to developing your online influence
  • Influence worksheet to map your strategy

The learning outcome of this tool is to create a deeper strategic understanding of the online influence space and how you can make it work for you. 

Course curriculum

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    Seminar Contents

    • Welcome Aboard! (3mins)

    • Influence In A Digital World - A Guide For leaders - Seminar (75mins)

    • So What Happens Next? (3mins)

Start influence journey today.

This webinar was developed in collaboration with Deloitte New Zealand for a group of their senior leaders embarking on the new normal of leadership both online and offline.